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Percentage of Actual Fiber:
FiberrificOver 97%
Leading Brand PowderLess than 5%
Leading Brand CapsuleLess than 5%
Leading Brand WaferLess than 5 %

Recommended Dose:
Leading Brand Powder1 well round teaspoon (5.8g)
Leading Brand Capsule6 capsules
Leading Brand Wafer2 wafers

Fiber Content of Recommended Dose:
Fiberrific1 teaspoon (4.5g)
Leading Brand Powder0.29g
Leading Brand Capsule0.15g
Leading Brand Wafer0.17g

Dose Required to Obtain 4.5g of Fiber:
Fiberrific1 teaspoon (4.5g)
Leading Brand Powder15 well rounded teaspoons (87g)
Leading Brand Capsule180 capsules
Leading Brand Wafer53 wafers

What is in your fiber product?

Other than Fiberrific, almost all other fibre supplements, including the leading national brands, use psyllium as their primary ingredient.

Psyllium (Plantago psyllium), a grain crop grown for its seeds and husks in India and Iran, is chosen by many manufacturers because it is a plentiful and inexpensive source of edible fiber.

The psyllium husks and seeds are not a good source of fiber. Containing 5% or less fiber, you would need to take at least 20 grams of psyllium to obtain 1 gram of fiber. It is these husks and seeds that most fiber supplement manufacturers use as the main ingredient in their product.

Fiberrific is made by taking 100% natural chicory roots and water extracting the fiber from the root. This fiber then undergoes a natural enzymatic process which cuts the fiber into smaller pieces. The resulting product, Fiberrific, is comprised of a 100% natural, completely soluble, grit-free edible fiber extracted from chicory roots called Partially Hydrolyzed Inulin. Fiberrific is over 97% fiber. In other words, in order to obtain 1 gram of fiber you would have to take only 1.03 grams of Fiberrific.

Contains Sweeteners:
Leading Brand Powderyes
Leading Brand Capsuleno
Leading Brand Waferno

Has a Flavor:
Leading Brand Powderyes
Leading Brand Capsuleyes
Leading Brand Waferyes

Net Impact Carbs?
Fiberrific0.0g per teaspoon
Leading Brand Powder0 - 9.6g per teaspoon
Leading Brand Capsule0.0g per capsule
Leading Brand Wafer5.5g per wafer

Does it have a zero glycemic index?
Leading Brand Powderno
Leading Brand Capsuleno
Leading Brand Waferno

Flavour, Sweeteners, and Carbohydrates?

Psyllium causes fiber supplements to have an unpleasant taste and makes the beverage gritty. Manufacturers often add flavours and sweeteners to their product to mask the true taste of their gritty, poor tasting beverage.

These sweeteners and flavours act as fillers, reducing the overall fiber content of the supplement, while adding unnecessary carbohydrates and calories. These added ingredient often increase the glycemic index of these supplements, potentially causing problems in individuals with sugar sensitivities.

Fiberrific is tasteless. It requires no additional ingredients to make it palatable. It does not raise blood sugar levels, as it has a glycemic index of 0 (zero), and has no net impact carbs. It is pure fiber with no added fillers.

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Fiberrific: Leading Brands:
• Does not thicken • Thickens when added to liquid
• Does not cause choking • Can cause choking
• Resolves constipation • Can cause constipation
• Does not contain sodium • Contains sodium
• Increases mineral absorption • Decreases mineral absorption
• Dissolves in virtually any liquid • Does not dissolve in all liquids
• Can be used in cooking • Can not be used in cooking
• Can be added to soft foods • Can not usually be added to soft foods
• Enhanced digestion of food • Does not enhance digestion
• Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides • Does not lower cholesterol and triglycerides
• Balance blood sugar • Does not balance blood sugar
• Promotes bone and teeth health • Does not promote bone and teeth health
• Protects against harmful bacteria • Does not protect against harmful bacteria


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When selecting a fibre product, you want the best available because after all, this affects your health. Thank you for coming to Here for Health. Our mission is to bring to you quality products, at reasonable prices, and that do the job. You can depend on FIBERrific.

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