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No More Gritty, Gloppy Fiber Drinks!!!

Fiberrific™ is:

 Grit Free
 Taste Free
 Sugar Free
 97% Fiber
 100% Water Soluble
 100% Natural

You may feel that powdered fiber supplements are unpleasant to take. Now you do not have to endure 30 seconds of Yuck! or swallow a handful of capsules to reap the benefits of a high-fiber supplement. Just mix Fiberrific™ in water, hot or cold non-carbonated drink, or favourite soft food and you will not even know it is there.

Fiberriffic™, a fine white powder, is comprised of a 100% natural, completely soluble, grit-free edible fibre extracted from chicory roots called Partially Hydrolyzed Inulin. Fiberriffic is pure fiber and requires no additional ingredients to make it palatable.

Unlike other powdered fiber supplements, Fiberrific will not thicken or alter the texture of your favourite foods. Fiberrific dissolves completely in water and is easily added to the things you normally eat and drink.

Fiberrific dissolves completely in water and will not thicken or alter the texture of your favourite foods or drinks

Fiberrific is an all-natural, vegetarian and independently certified Kosher and Parve fiber supplement.

Fiberrific contains:

 No added sweeteners (sugar, aspartame, etc)
 No added flavours
 No added anti-thickeners
 No sodium
 No net impact carbs

Fiberrific is an all-natural product with numerous additional health benefits.**

 Relieves constipation
 Lowers cholesterol
 Improves mineral absorption
 Enhances digestion
 Improves immunity
 Balances blood sugar
 Enhances protein absorption

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that a healthy diet include a minimum 25 grams of dietary fiber daily. But, Americans (and Canadians) average less than half this recommended daily dose. Fiberrific can boost your daily intake of dietary fiber easily and naturally. Each teaspoon of Fiberrific provides 4.5 grams of soluble fiber (one tablespoon = 12 grams) to help you maintain regularity.**


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When selecting a fibre product, you want the best available because after all, this affects your health. Thank you for coming to Here for Health. Our mission is to bring to you quality products, at reasonable prices, and that do the job. You can depend on FIBERrific.

A grateful customer says:

I found Fiberriffic to be a God-send for both my grandson and myself. For my grandson, being four years old and very constipated, one-half teaspoon of Fiberiffic every other day works like a miracle! I have lupus and take a lot of codeine for arthritis and this causes constipation. Fiberrific taken every so often helps me marvelously. I like the taste-free concept and the reasonable price for I can no longer work so money can get tight.

Sylvia D., Shelburne, ON

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